Walter Scott, Schoolmaster Antiques

This letter is unsolicited and represents my thoughts concerning Melting Pot Productions. Having displayed and sold collectibles and antiques at shows throughout the US over the past 40 years, I have experienced many (good) promoters, some poor ones, and a few outstanding ones.  Melting Pot Productions (Kim Schilling) stands at the top of the excellent list.  Often, show promoters are focused on what is best for themselves.  With Kim, the focus is on the dealers and customers!  There are many ways show promoters put the dealers before themselves; securing facilities a day early for drop off; enough staff to solve problems that may arise; allowing staff to problem solve and not micromanage; staffing a dealers’ booth when needed (never a charge!). Always a “can do” attitude.   A critical component with any successful promoter is multi media advertising.  With Melting Pot Productions, all aspects of multi media advertising are utilized.  Antique shows will not be successful unless they have the dealers and merchandise that the public expects.  Kim’s shows have the varied merchandise that range from collectible/ retro to the most unique and rare objects found anywhere in the US. Pricing ranges from “steals” which are great investments to “pricey” for the unique and rare antiques.  The dealers at her shows are very customer friendly and most often go out of their way to work with the buyers.  And lastly, I must include the helpful Sandy, who always makes each show a delightful experience.